Here you can see how they groom "trails"


On the chair up we spot a steep drop off which is accessible from a higher trail.


Josh at top.


Josh at bottom.


Cruising down a groomed trail.


A break a Baja Zero. You can see how much snow has piled up.


Some fresh powder out there somewhere.


Apparently, Josh had the camera all day. I got one photo at the end of the day. The pictures can't really convey just how nice of a day this was.


Side note:

I understand that I look way cooler working the hat/sunglasses (which I was forced in to the first 2 days) over the helmet/goggles. Josh and I were pretty much the only people Valle Nevado wearing a helmets and I felt like a bit of a loser about it.

This is our last night at Pub Tres Puntas. But that doesn't mean I'm not setting the bait out. I have illuminated it in the picture. Nobody took it and the criminal who stole Josh's jacket remains at large.

This guy worked every night we were at PTP. He didn't speak any English (but does know 80's lyrics) but he seemed like a nice enough guy.



Our last day.


Hauling ass down a groomed slope. You can kind of tell just how nice it was there. The groomed trails were packed enough to let you go very fast but if you stepped on to the ground with just a boot you sink down a foot. Carving an edge was not a problem.


There's a keeper.


Another photo-op.


Josh waits for our ride to bring us down the mountain. Our hard-fought-for luggage is ready to go beyond the glass.


We shared the van with two young aspiring pro-snowboarders and their coach.


The last picture on my camera apparently from the plane ride.

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