January 2004 ďMen of Surfing CalendarĒ

Huntington Beach, California



I labored over whether I should put this up after I was done with it.But, after I got my ass kicked all day by the surf I decided the irony was just too sweet.


My birthday is highlighted for your records.





All the Hollywood Tourist Activities.

Hollywood, California



To the left Joey and I pose under the Hollywood sign in the hills.I realize how much cooler than I Joey looks.

Also, I hit the Walk of Fame and Manís Chinese Theater which you never have to go to if you just look at these pictures.They were both kind of tacky and boring.







Jason Arrives on Apollo 13.

Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal City, California



To the left, Joey and I take on the Hulk.I was trying to get the ďHulkĒ to pretend like he was arm wrestling me but the line of screaming children behind the camera insisted that we hurry up.This picture was taken minutes after Joey had to leave the Back to the Future ride prematurely which explains his lukewarm expression.

Below, much to Kevin Baconís chagrin, Jason had been named the fourth Apollo 13 astronaut.Jason arrived from Boston on July 9th and he will be joining me on the journey for a while.


UPDATE 7/14/2003:::

Joey asked me to point out that I did get spooked by a mummy in the Mummy Returns haunted house type ride.It was dark and scary and they guy just came out of nowhere.









San Diego Zoo.

Sand Diego, California



Jason and I took turns getting our photos with animals.I have quite a few and eventually Iíll make a childrenís book or playing card deck or something.To the left, Jason and the giraffe smile for the camera.Below, Itís everything I can do to keep myself from pepper spraying the bear.






Pacific Beach Redemption

Sand Diego, California



I surfed in nice warm waves on Pacific Beach.It was redemption for how bad I surfed in Huntington Beach.I was tearing it up.

Above, I pull a deep bottom turn.Below, on the same wave I rig for warp speed to beat the break





Hoover Dam.

Nevada-Arizona Border



Jason, Aaron and I took a much needed break from the Vegas tables and visited the Hoover Dam.The intake towers can be seen on either side of my head behind the dam.The expression on Aaronís face and the fake smile can not be explained.This was the best picture we had though.






Grand Canyon, Arizona



Contrary to what Iíve heard the Grand Canyon is not just a big hole in the ground.It was a pretty amazing sight.We discussed whether we should put this picture up because we all seem to be hiding our crotch and have really delighted looks on our faces but other than that itís a beautiful picture.Contrast that picture with the one shown below of Jason and Aaron just after Jason has hurled a rock off the edge of the Canyon and Aaron has a front row seat to count down how long it takes to hit the bottom.