Capitalism & A Tearful Goodbye

Atlanta, Georgia



After catching sight of the baggage claim and realizing he is really heading home Aaron canít help himself from sapping it up a bit.But a true journeyman, like Jason and Josh before him, he allows a posterity photo for the site.

But before leaving we had a hell of a day in Atlanta!First, we visited the 5 story high Chicken in Marietta Georgia with Dave and Hope (whom which were accommodating us).The beak goes up and down and the eyes roll around.

We also visited the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.The flash hides the Coca-Cola Aaron is pouring me in the cutout picture.







South Of The Border

Dillon, South Carolina



Not only did that pesky Mason-Dixon line keep the Slaves from freedom it kept free men from fireworks!

Obviously, those Black Cat firecrackers are not mine.




Atlantic Beach, North Carolina



Mike and I went to the beach and immediately realized it had potential for wave riding.We rented boogie boards and sponged all afternoon.Mike was too far out at one point and the lifeguard had to whistle at him.





End of the Road

Washington D.C.



I hadnít planned on this but it was a perfect last stop.To the left I hit the main nerve of America.Iím standing at the Washington Monument with the Lincoln Memorial in the background.


I thought I was going to see America on this trip.

As it turned out I saw several of them.