Bonus Pictures

All of these pictures were taken with a disposable camera.I used it when going out on the town or if it was the only thing handy.



Jeff Orders Chicken Nuggets in Chicago

We were at a nice restaurant and Jeff sat at that table pretending he was the only one sitting there for the picture.

Josh Plays Air Guitar in Chicago

Itís dim but if you look closely Josh is playing some heavy air guitar at the base of the neon guitar at the Hard Rock Cafť in Chicago.

Why is there a picture of a purse to the left?

In Portland Oregon, Christine had just bought this purse.Whenever one of her friends met up with our crew they would say something like ďHey guys itís nice toÖ.. that purse is the cutest thing Iíve ever seen!Ē

Anyways, I vowed to post a picture one day.

Randy talking Josh to sleep in San Francisco

This was the night we went to Jack in the Box and Randy made the Notes & Quotes page.

Pacific Sundown

I realized that it was the first time I had seen the sun set over the ocean.


Barneyís Beanery

If I had a hangout in the short time I was in L.A. (which I didnít) it would be Barneyís.Here Katy, myself, Joey, Coggz and half of Scott all smiling for Jasonís first night in L.A.The funniest thing about this photo is that Iím pretty sure Scott doesnít know Jason and heís perched is arm on his shoulder as if to say ďAll I got in this world is me and my buddy Jason.Ē

Classic Picture also taken at Barneys

You canít pose a picture like this.Katy and I had no idea Dan was doing that in the background and we went ahead and took a nice smiley picture.

Scott says everything is ok

Not sure why I like this picture but I do.Scott with two thumbs up.Piekos walking away.

Gaslamp Video & Tan in San Diego

Nothing really to say about this.Just a strange combination.

Aaron reassuring Coggz of something

This was in Tempe, Arizona.Same (long) day as the Salt River tubing trip.

John, Aaron and Myself in Austin

John took us out for a night on the town in Austin.

Heart & Soul

Aaron and I bang out the old piano favorite at Johnís parents house in Austin earlier that day.

Backstage at the Fashion Show

Jim with his Salem State sweatshirt over his Red Sox jersey and Aaron with his shirt wrapped around his head.A candid shot which I was lucky to get because itís a great photo and my digital camera had run out of batteries.

Finish your beer so we can go in.

You can barely make out the Preservation Hall sign above and to the right of Aaron in this picture taken in New Orleans.No Alcohol or food allowed inside.Just really, really good Dixieland jazz.