Prairie Dog Town Bonus

Of all the places I went I get the most questions about this freak show.

So here are some extra photos:



I really cant explain why this picture horrifies me.

I think this is what Aaron and I see in our nightmares.

Take a good look.


By the way, on the right you can see the only other people in Prairie Dog Town.


Animals roam around aimlessly.


A good example of an exhibit.

A group of foxes in their cement environment look suspiciously at Aaron. Aaron knows something is wrong.


Alright here it is.

A better picture of the two extra legs on the brown cow.

You can barely make out the fifth leg on the black cows right front leg.

Possibly the scariest photo ever taken.

Please take time to notice the vast fields of nothing in the background which is all you really think about when you consider how far away help is.

There is the epicenter of Prairie Dog Town. A gargantuan idol to the rodent of which it takes its name.

A huge puddle.

In the foreground an empty cage whos occupant has long since burrowed out of.