Josh’s Haiku Page


Key:    Josh    Jake   Aaron


I) pre-departure (Massachusetts)

Our cross-country trip

The adventures to be had

Truly mind boggling


II) Connecticut

I’ve been confused how

The Connecticut Yankee

Crossed the Atlantic


III) New Jersey

It gets a bad wrap

It’s not just refineries

It’s the Garden State


IV) New York

Acting their parts out

They ignore the humor of

The concrete jungle


V) Pennsylvania

The crumbs still wet on

His cold white fangs.  The count of



VI) Ohio

What is a buckeye?

I thought it was a steak cut.

But that’s a ribeye.


VII) Indiana

Who knew that in the

Heartland of America

The fun never ends.


VII) Illinois

The Malaysians lie.

The Sears Tower is taller.

The nerve of those guys.


VII) Minnesota


VIII) South Dakota

Chief Crazy Horse points.

“My Lands are where those jerks built

their missile silos.”


IX) Wyoming

Just packed a fresh chew.

My bulls name is ballistic.

It’s rodeo time.


X) Montana

It would really suck

If the mighty grizzly bear

Liked to eat kosher.


XI) Idaho

The Mullen Township

Gateway to the tater state

POP. Eight Seven Four


XIII) Washington

Coffee like acid.

5-twenty degrees of view.

Smells like teen spirit.


XIV) Oregon

It was very sad

That there weren’t Dairy Queens in

Portland, Oregon.


XV) California


In seven syllables

Is impossible


XVI) Nevada

Vegas in July.

One Hundred Fifteen Degrees.

My chips melt away.


XVII) Arizona

Here in Sedona

The gem of Arizona

Lot’s of red stona.


XVIII) New Mexico

In a one horse town

An old man counts out our change

While dogs roam the streets


XIX) Colorado

Coors beer or Rockies

The Continental Divide

Of me and my mind


XX) Kansas

The sick animals

Stare out and plot their escape

From Prairie dog town.


XXII) Oklahoma

A large hotel bar

A sad Karaoke song

Long drives on both sides


XXIII) Texas

It’s a dad gum shame

We could have gone skeet shooting

If we’d had more time


XXIV) Louisiana

The Dixie land blares

While Bourbon Street drunks throw beads

And gold teeth sparkle


XXV) Mississsippi

The Mississippi

Remember that grade school rhyme?

Not that hard to spell.


XXVI) Alabama

Muddy your T-shirts

And spit your tobacco juice

It’s the dirty south!


XXVII) Georgia

On a midnight train…
”Growth hormones and a Coke, please,”

A huge chicken clucks.


XXVIII) South Carolina

South of the border

A Confederate Yankee

In “Rocket Kings” court


XXIX) North Carolina

In a beach side stand

Great White shark photos abound

“Let’s go swim!” Mike yells.


XXX) Virginia

Virginia’s o.k.

I guess Jamestown would be cool…

In Sixteen twenty


XXXI) Washington D.C.

Nations capital

Violent Crime capital

How American


XXXII) Maryland

Life is what happens

While you’re busy making plans

Last stop: Maryland