Jeff and I making fun of each other as usual.

Batavia, Illinois.



Jeff is seen trying to get exactly 50% ranch dressing and 50% greens in his salad.

I have a dumb look on my face.  Josh and Keri really don’t care what we’re talking about.



SPAM museum.

Somewhere in Minnesota.



It’s hard to believe now but Josh and I actually considered not stopping at the SPAM museum.  Josh was named Spambassador to Israel.




Badlands, South Dakota.





Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.


Here we try to size up how they can add both of our heads to the giant sculpture.


Devil’s Tower, Wyoming.


Devil’s Tower was very impressive.  However,  it was not made of mash potatoes as portrayed in Close Encounters.  If it were I would still be there with a stick of butter and bag of peas.


Cody, Wyoming.


Josh and I thought our next stop was Yellowstone… but then we passed the sign to the right in Cody, Wyoming.  It took us about 45 seconds to make the decision to stay.  We held up at the Western 6 Gun Motel and had ourselves a rodeo!



It was incredible.




Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.


We ended up doing two long hikes.  We hiked to the isolated lake Shoshone and to the top of Mt. Washburn.  The lake is to the left and the Washburn is below.  Josh is seen lower left with a buffalo in the background.  He later killed it with a knife and his bare hands and ate the heart like in Dances With Wolves.  We were camping and it was cold.



Miracle Of America Museum.

Polson, Montana.


This is very difficult to explain.  We went to the Miracle Of America Museum having no idea what we would see.  We left having no idea what we saw but were definitely entertained for over an hour.  I really have no way to explain what is there.  It could be a collection of everything old you have ever seen.  Josh thought it might be some sort of tribute to America’s manufacturing power… but that seems like that’s business school talking.  If you’re ever in Polson though… stop by.





Glacier National Park, Montana.


To the left Josh is standing atop Scenic Point in South East Glacier.  Below, I’m with an old wind stripped tree and a fake looking background.