April 2004 “Losers of Tubing” Centerfold

Phoenix, Arizona



To honor Jason’s last day on the trip we let him chose where he wanted to go for his last day.  He chose tubing down the Salt River in Phoenix.  Although it is called a river it is man made and is more akin to a moving puddle than a river.  Easily the most polluted water I have ever set foot in.  Good thing the small tube on the far right was reserved for the cooler.  As it turned out this really was a great time.

Jason went home the following morning.




Thinking of Staying in Sedona.

Sedona, Arizona.



Aaron and I decided to breeze through Sedona for a day thinking it would be a quick stop.  After arriving and realizing how nice of a place it was we decided to stay for a bit.

This picture was taken between the pool and dinner where we dined on skewered rattlesnake and cactus fries.






Stayed in Sedona.

Sedona, Arizona.



Lot’s of big red rocks.  Good picture of both of us but you need to look at the background to see why it is so nice and scenic everywhere you look.  The red rocks of Sedona are known to give you energy.  I thought they made me extremely hot.





Rocky Mountain Fashion Show

Loveland, Colorado



After meeting up with Jim in Colorado and spending time in Denver we decided to hit the Rocky Mountains.  It was a tougher hike than we had counted on and Aaron had to beg for water for us from a stranger.  To the right, even though it’s hard to tell, I am shirtless and out of breath.

Below, Aaron and Jim are the most well dressed hikers in the entire Rocky Mountain range. 





Late Night Football Game

Denver, Colorado


We later invented a game where I have the ball at the 3 ft mark and have to get by Aaron and Jim to the 5 ft mark.  I never made it.




Scariest Place In America

Off Route 70, Kansas


For every place in America you can dream of visiting there are two you can have nightmares over.  Here Aaron and I discover Prairie Dog Town.   Nestled in the middle of hundreds of miles of fields lies this eccentric animal park.

Below and to the right Aaron poses and smiles for the cute baby calf on the wall.  The cage behind him is filled with rattlesnakes.

Below and to the left I pose with a couple cows.  Anybody see anything abnormal?

HINT:  begins with the word ‘THE’ and ends with  ‘COW ON THE LEFT HAS AN EXTRA TWO LEGS STICKING OUT OF IT’S ASS!’








Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

OKC, Oklahoma


Sad place.

The arch seen reads “9:03”.  The picture was taken under an arch reading “9:01”.  The bombing happened in the middle.

The symbolic chairs for everyone killed are on the left behind the trees.





Catching Up With John

Austin, Texas

7/24/2003 (4:30 AM)

After a night on the town in Austin John and I sat poolside and tried to make up for 3 years of laziness induced silence.  This is really the best picture I have on digital.  Most pictures were taken in Austin on a disposable.  They’ll make the “Journey Outtakes” website when I’m all done.






New Orleans, Louisiana


To the left an ominous storm brews behind traditional New Orleans Mausoleum.  Below, Aaron conducts business on Decatur Street.  Like usual most pictures from late night are on a disposable camera.