1st Avenue with the Space Needle in the background.

Seattle, Washington.



I was having too much fun in Seattle to think about taking good pictures.This picture of Josh and Dave staring at the sun is the best I could do.





Sign from Portland, Oregon.



This sign shows the straight distances to some familiar places.






Redwood State/National Forest, California.



To the left I do my best to show the ridiculous scale at one of the Redwood parks.Below, Josh a cowboy hat and a hunting knife prepare ribs and corn at our campsite.











San Francisco, California



To the left Josh and I in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.Definitely both fans of San Francisco.

Below, Iím in cell 106 at Alcatraz.I later escaped to the mainland and then broke back in without Josh even knowing.











Santa Cruz, California



Above, Josh and I pay a visit to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.Josh is wearing the Yellowstone visor I picked up in Wyoming and I am sporting the t-shirt from the Full Moon Bar & Grill in Illinois.





San Francisco International Airport



Exhausted, dirty and dazed Josh gets ready to fly home sporting a SPAM shirt, holding 2 cowboy hats and wearing really dirty jeans.The Acura which has taken us across 15 states and almost 6,000 miles is inthe foreground and the reflection on the left.








Corner of Haight and Ashbury Street.

San Francisco, California



But, alas the trip continues and I make my first stop without my brother.On the far right of the photo is the hand of a man who asked me if he could work for me.The clock is wrong.