Purdue Trip 2004



First Night in Chicago

The trip starts off with a Bang! At "Mike Ditka's" in Chicago the hostess let's us know "The coach is in the house." Turns out he was in the house.


Oke is the one who took the picture of us at Ditka's.



Bob makes friends with the natives.


Terry explains something to Bob. Perhaps he's explaining why he's drinking a green drink?


First Night at Purdue... in Harry's.

Back at Harry's Chocolate Shop. Oke and I spent the better part of college at Harry's as did my mom when she attended Purdue.


Oke and his wife Kari and her friend work a front booth at Harry's.


Bob and Terry work the same Booth a little later. At Harry's Chocolate Shop you can scrawl your name anywhere you want with whatever you want (at least downstairs). I'm not sure if that's the official policy but it's what it boils down to in practice. It's a great way to make your semi-permanent mark on the best bar in the world and my college roommates and I made plenty of marks.


Even though I know Goose is slated to make an appearance I complain to Oke that I'm disappointed our former roommate, Matt, will not be attending this weekend. I draw a picture of him on a Harry's napkin and pose "Matt" next to Oke.



Game Day!

Bob and Terry warm up in case coach Tiller calls for backup.


We score a nice day for the game.



Sidenote: Typically, on a busy weekend like this you want a comfortable place to get whatever sleep you can manage to get. We ended up at the Econo-Lodge and it was like sleeping in a third world country.

Anyway... back to game day.

Russ (to my right) has season tickets to both Purdue and the Bears games. So we partied at his tailgate and Goose makes an appearance.


Inside the game Bob and Terry debate whether they should suit up.


Here Terry and I work the Shark dance which consists of at least one hand on your head as a "dorsal fin" and a slow weave to any music either real or imagined (as in this case).


Bob and Terry have made quick friends with Oke and Keri.


Time to leave the tailgate. Already been a very long day.


Apparently, the drive back wasn't too demanding. Here Bob finds time to dance, pose and drive the car to Jeff's amazement.


Game Day Night.

Back in Harry's Bob and Terry begin to get taken in by the mystique of the best bar on the planet with their non-drinking host: Goose!


The whole crew for the weekend (minus Russ who returned to Chicago).


Sidenote: Check out that picture again of Terry and Bob working a booth the first night at Purdue. Did you see the "OKE"?

Upper right hand corner. Probably from 1998 or 1999.


After 3 long days the final night ends strangely. We end up at the Neon Cactus. I'm not sure what Terry and I were laughing at but here I find Terry in the midst of an uncontrolled fit of laughter.

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