Purdue Trip 2005


First Night in Chicago

The boyz are back in Chicago. This year we dine at Harry Caray's for our classy weekend kick-off meal. Last year we met Ditka at "Ditka's" so we resign ourselves to never being able to out-do that. But Harry Caray's is pretty damn good food.

Flashback: I had eaten at Harry Caray's before. Two and half years earlier when Josh and I passed through Chicago on my trip around the country!

This picture appears in "Bonus Pictures" and is captioned "Jeff Orders Chicken Nuggets in Chicago".


And of course Oke was rolling with us. In fact Oke was driving this year since Keri wasn't coming down this year.


We club it up like last year.


Another long inaugural night in Chicago. It's really the only way to start the trip.


Dawn breaks (ok more like 10AM) and we depart for Purdue.



Oke picked us up so we didn't need our own vehicle. The ride from Chicago to Purdue. Notice the scenery.


First Night at Purdue... in Harry's.


At Harry's we spot a man on crutches who has installed a drink holder on his crutches. Bob checks it out...



Goose, Oke, B.Blaze and myself in the foreground. Goose is drinking this year.



We were staying across the river in Lafayette. It's a bad idea and the walk home is always interesting. Here I try to hitch us a ride.


While walking over an overpass, Bob spots a tree (who's top is now the same level as our feet). He feels the need to bog this tree. Clearly not a boggable tree I encourage him by saying it would be "epic".

Bob sizes up the tree...

To find out what happened to Bob click this link for a small movie from my camera. It's a bit dark so turn up your brightness if possible. And there is audio:




Probably a good time to point out the drastic improvement in accommodations this year. Even though the walk over the bridge has it's own perils associated with it, at least our two rooms at the Holiday Inn allowed "Western World" privileges like beds and no cholera-less water.

Last year.

This year.


Game Day!

The tailgate...

A unique crew: Terry, Bob, Goose, Russ, Oke. Essentially the same as last year except that Goose is drinking and technically he's a different person when he's drinking.


Terry utilizes the facilities.


Russ' tailgate was great and it was complete with a television with satellite TV this year. We ended up not even attending the actual game because our seats were so much better on Slater Hill.


Leaving the "game". Like I said, we never actually made it in to the game, although Oke did pop in to see what it was all about.


Game Day Night.

Once again, after 3 long nights the final night ends strangely. But this year at least it ended in Harry's.

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