Purdue Trip 2007


Admittedly, I put way too much time between the trip and making this page and I apologize.

Making matters worse it’s kind of a crappy picture year.

So to make it up I have augmented this year’s pictures with historical photos!



First Night in Chicago!

Boom we’re back! 

And I’m standing in front of the fireplace in our apartment!!!



Just days before the trip things looked bad.  We all were shut down on our usual Priceline hotel bids for Chicago.  Come to find out there was some big trade show there and everything was sold out.

Normally, we priceline 4-star swank hotels for like $100/night.  These Purdue trips usually magically fall together for the dramatic benefit to us.  We call this lucky phenomenon “coming up aces”.

It looked like we drew our first bad hand this year…



Well we ended up getting one of those vacation rentals, and that plan WAS so crazy that it did work.

Note the date is just days before departure… and the subject is “aces”.


Place was swank!


Anyway… we’re not in Chicago to hang at our new apartment.


I make a big appearance in pictures in the first part of this trip but it steadily falls off.

And Oke is back!  And really, really excited!


I think this was the point in the night we began getting pictures with strangers, and the night correspondingly fell apart.


Picture-wise it was a really weak night.  But I remember it definitely being a wild night, typical of our first night in Chicago

So we said peace out to the apartment… and next day left for Purdue.


Two quick things…

First, on further inspection that isn’t a backwards peace sign “peace out” in that picture above.  It’s a “West Coast” sign.  There isn’t any reason, but it’s worth mentioning.  Especially with a partially naked Oke in the foreground.


Second, why are all the pictures mostly Terry and I and a couple of Oke?  Where is Bobby Blaze?


Turns out he just hugged the camera all night in Chicago, but at Harry’s Chocolate Shop the next day he smashes on to the scene and he’s all smiles!   And look who he brought along!!! Goose!!!


Then Matt comes along… and Oke is very excited.


Bo Blaze light on camera work tonight and heavy on good times.


Another keeper… minus the other guy standing in for Oke in the back right.


Bo blaze light on camera work and heavy on… wanting to murder Oke!



This picture requires analysis.

Below, note two things.  First, Bob is looking right past Oke… at Terry!

Second, I have highlighted in green a sloppily drawn “516” on the graffiti strewn walls of Harry’s.  This “516” appears in regular intervals around Harry’s.  516 is the address me and all the boys lived at Purdue on Stadium St.  Below, Matt, Oke and I form a 516 in a picture from Goose’s wedding.






Ok… back to Harry’s… everyone is having a good time and there is no murderous rampages.


And the last picture of the night is Bob opening a beer, a lethal Long Island Iced Tea in the foreground, and my Mother’s Initials carved in to a Harry’s table to be framed for her birthday present.  Like me 30 years later, my mom attended Purdue and spent endless hours in Harry’s.




Last picture?  Well of people anyway.  Really, this was the last picture on the camera.  We all know what it is.  A Purvis All American Burger from Triple-X.





Up bright and early.


Terry jumps right in to bags.



Blaze and Terry ready for a day of good clean fun.


516 Crew

(minus Chad)



Sidenote:  Who the hell is Chad?

I’m not sure why Chad hasn’t made an appearance at an annual Purdue game.

Maybe we all didn’t see eye to eye on everything at 516, but we all go way back.

Goose and Chad were dorm roommates when I met them.  Look at these kids:





Back in 2007, Jake anxiously awaits the toss.


Definitely a sloppy picture taking day.  This is the only glimpse of Dirty Dustin all day!  Behind the tree on the left with the Purdue jacket on.

Dustin didn’t live in our house at school but he was around quite a bit.


Below, I think this is an argument over a flip cup game at 516.  Oke and I seem to be measuring a beer out and Dustin, Goose and some unidentified pointed finger seem to be watching closely.





Oke came up big this year (another Ace).  He somehow got tickets in to the John Purdue Club which is the VIP section of Ross-Ade.  Indoors… AND you can order beers.



Good seats.




Below, a giant inflatable penis floats around the crowd.




The Purdue band Drum marketed as the “largest drum in the world”.  This claim has never made sense to us because either it’s just an erroneous claim or, as we’ve discussed, we will at some point build a larger drum and blackmail the Purdue marching band.



Back at the tailgate. After the game.



Ok… so after the tailgate we went to Hale’s house.  Old Hale was at the tailgate too but just sloppy picture work this year and we don’t have any.  The only glimpse of him is in this otherwise stoic picture of Oke.


After Hale’s house (no pictures available) it’s back to Harry’s.  And it’s been a long day.



Always a mess.



Oke clowning around, me with the thumbs up, and my ex-girlfriend’s (Lisa) good friend from Purdue (Dawn) hanging with us in Harry’s in the background.


Oh, and of course my ex-girlfriend, Lisa, was there too with her fiancé.



Terry then said something related which I construed as an insult and threw several empty cans of beer at Terry.  This was the last picture taken at Harry’s.  That’s my boot, either Oke or Terry’s hand, and the floor of Harry’s.  There was some sort of a struggle




On a related note (9 years prior), on my 21st birthday I tried to fight Matt. 

Oke and Goose easily hold me back (and upright).

Dustin doesn’t even have his hands out of his pockets.




Back to 2007… thankfully the “struggle” picture isn’t the last one on the camera this year. 

There was one left.

Terry, Oke and I go patch everything up over a Purvis (Terry taking the photo).


And you know what?  Back in 1998 the night didn’t end on a bad note either.

Dustin clearly kind of disappointed there wasn’t a fight.



Real peace out.



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