Purdue Trip 2008

Year #5



Below, the boys are right back at Harry’s Friday night drinking bud lights!

IMG_1421 (Custom)


Question: Harry’s?  I thought you always do a Chicago front end to this “Purdue Trip” of yours.  Have the boys become too soft for 3 nights of revelry?

Answer: You’ll see.


But First  it’s Halloween at Harry’s!  And Goose splashes back on the scene with a classic look of contempt and attraction for a waitress dressed as Sarah Palin.

IMG_1425 (Custom)


A giant reindeer?

IMG_1427 (Custom)


And now the gang is all here…




Question: Where are Bob and Terry?  What is happening this year?

Answer: Bob lower left of above picture.  Terry… below at the morning tailgate drinking bud lights and clearly disapproving of Russ and Brandy having a public display of affection.

IMG_1451 (Custom)


Revving their engines.

IMG_1442 (Custom)


This was almost a throw away photo but I’m pretty sure it was taken because the stick/tree trunk combination looks like a man’s legs and penis.  It’s middle school humor at best.

IMG_1445 (Custom)



IMG_1445 (Custom)


Anyway, back to the tailgate where bags have come out.  I really can’t figure out how to phrase that without sounding like I’m extending the penis joke.  Oh man, I just said “extending”.  Damn it.

IMG_1452 (Custom)


Everyone’s having a good time.

IMG_1448 (Custom)


Everyone but Bob.

IMG_1450 (Custom)


We had so much fun we didn’t even make it in to the game.  Not sure where Dirty Dustin was in these pictures but that’s his truck, his tailgate spot and his bags.

IMG_1455 (Custom)


I try to have a coke and chill out but am harassed by the rest of the table.  A video of this event exists but I will not show it publicly on the internet.  If you come to my house I will show it to you.  Once.

IMG_1457 (Custom)


Back in Harry’s because that’s what we do.  Old Oke looks like he’s just about had it.

IMG_1458 (Custom)


BUT HE HASN’T!!!  He’s just nonchalantly inserted an empty beer can in to some girl’s purse.

Actually, I’m not positive it was Oke.  It very well may have been.  But I know he really thought it was funny.

IMG_1460 (Custom)


Blaze and Oke representing their home towns!

IMG_1470 (Custom)


We’re all still feeling good at Harry’s on game night.

IMG_1466 (Custom)


Everyone’s having a good time…………………………………………..

IMG_1465 (Custom)


Whatever sicko took the camera and got the tree earlier that afternoon has now crafted a second penis shape from two cherries and a straw.

IMG_1469 (Custom)


And that’s it right?  Game-Day night is the end.   No Chicago trip and now ending with two cherries and a straw.



But guess what? 

The Patriots are in town playing the Colts.

And guess who’s got a tailgate spot there too!


We just

Double Downed


Dirty Dustin!!!


IMG_1471 (Custom)


Again, as I have said in the past about the name “Dirty Dustin”.

A)    Nobody on the planet actually calls him “Dirty Dustin” except me on these weekends.

B)    There simply is nothing dirty about Dirty Dustin.  In fact he’s quite well put together.

C)    I get the impression he really doesn’t like the name so never call him that.


And look at his form.

IMG_1473 (Custom)


And the form pays off too.  Here he takes on his next victim.

IMG_1475 (Custom)


And Goose was there too, of course, in his Colts jersey.  Not sure if he’s in the starting lineup or not.  Below, Terry seems to be paying him for something.


IMG_1481 (Custom)


Here is a pretty bland picture.  It would be better if Terry wasn’t blocking my pocket flex.

IMG_1480 (Custom)


However, there is a bland little side note here.

Side Note:

You see the “B Side” shirt?   That was from the best lounge that ever existed in the Boston area.  I started going there when I first moved to Boston after Purdue.   I once saw Bob eat 19 hard boiled eggs there.  True story.  But that’s not the side note.


That hat it also from the B Side Lounge.  I double downed on B-Side gear.

Where am I going with this?

Well in a tragic coincidence, the same weekend we DD w/ DD, the same weekend I DD w/ B-Side gear, I get a text message from my friend Beck who lives next to B-Side saying that it is CLOSING!

And now it’s gone.  So it goes.





Well in other news… Jeff’s sister, Heather, who lives nearby, just showed up to the tailgate.

IMG_1484 (Custom)


Terry, to honor Halloween (and maybe to impress Jeff’s sister), strikes his “White Trash Caesar” pose.

IMG_1486 (Custom)





Dirty Dustin’s tailgate is no joke.

IMG_1488 (Custom)



Night falls and things start getting creepy.

IMG_1491 (Custom)


Real creepy like.

IMG_1492 (Custom)



But Jeff quickly un-creepies it with a nice big smile and an Ed Hardy shirt.

IMG_1493 (Custom)



Then things get creepy again…


IMG_1494 (Custom)


Real creepy like.

IMG_1495 (Custom)



Huh?   Well truth be told that is the last pictures of any of us this year at Purdue.  The rest is circumstantial:


Apparently, Bob and Terry went to the game with the camera.

IMG_1496 (Custom)


Seats apparently weren’t bad.

IMG_1510 (Custom)


And this is seriously the last picture on the camera.

IMG_1513 (Custom)


One final note here.  While Bob and Terry went to the game, Oke, Goose, myself, Dustin and Heather went to the nearby “Slippery Noodle” bar.  There are no pictures of this but I can tell you there was a one armed biker woman named Tina who really took a liking to me.  If you ever see Heather, ask her about it.

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