­­­Purdue Trip 2015

Year #12



And we’re back!


This is what the flight out looks like every year. Bullied in to the middle seat. Every year.






And we’re back! Warming up.

Another apartment in Wrigleyville.




Oke is getting super excited.



It’s a nice day so we move the party to a brew pub.



And score a sweet table outside.



Then it poured.





We end up at “Toons”

Which apparently is a favorite spot of my friend Russ’s daughter, Lisa.



Lisa entertained us and her friends primarily by busting my balls.

Good times.



But then it actually did get fun when we had a shuffleboard tournament.




The night goes on…




Somewhere along the way this trip we decided Oke’s single-sentence responses generally fall in the category of magic 8-Ball responses. He did not love this analogy.




Healthy living.



Off the next day. Drive past Wrigley…



To the old S&P.








Ride South.



Phone check-in.



We really mixed it up this year. We begrudgingly conceded that BWW was the best restaurant in West Lafayette

(3 stars on Yelp)

Subdued. Sad.



That’s nothing Goose Man and Harry’s Chcolate Shop can’t fix.



Looks like Harry’s got a new sign this year.



This was a great FLASHBACK to the summer the Purdue trip was conceived.



That’s Terry, Bob and I on the left.

August 19th, 2004.


We’ve calmed down a bit.


But somehow Terry doesn’t have initials up anywhere he can locate.



 And I got nothing to really brag about. My initials are now eclipsed by “Shelby Coffee is a Fucking Whore”



Anyway… the night goes on.


Goose saying something shocking to Bob maybe?



This might be the picture of the year.











This joke is just nonsense now.


A lemon wedge. Come on.


Terry fueling up on Harry’s popcorn which is 90% salt.



Things are slowing down. It is just Friday night. But Goose has an idea!



Where Else.



It was a late game. So Saturday morning starts off right with a trip to Triple-XXX.



Triple-XXX is sorely missed late night.


FLASHBACK: Here we are in 2012 at 2:30AM.



This is what a Purvis burger looks like:



This is what Duane Purvis looks like (from Harry’s wall).


This is what it looks like after you eat a Purvis burger.



Goose picks us up.


We did not have a permit to tailgate. However, when Goose was asked to not enter the lot, he asked to turn around, then just drove in and parked.

Great move.




Nothing exciting this year, but solid tailgate.











Back in 2016… Goose is talking to police.



Which is always sort of funny.



Back to Harry’s, because that’s just what we do.



Another contender for photo of the year.



Ah, THIS is the photo of the year.





3 Cherries. This is ridiculous.


Not sure what we’re laughing at below. But I’m thinking since I’m taking the photo… the only one missing is Goose.



This is the last photo of Bob before he raises the white flag and leaves.



Which is terrible timing because we finally NAIL the front fishbowl!



And I set up sweet arm-wrestling match. Oke Vs. Giant Army Veteran.



Great match but Oke wins this battle.






1)    Terry ended up getting his initials up right at the Fishbowl. I added my mother’s initials there too for her birthday again. This was the final picture at Harry’s. Still enjoying our stay in the Fishbowl.


2)    We stopped at Jimmy Johns.



3)    Apparently Purdue was “Pummeled”. We stopped keeping score years ago.



Another solid year in the books.



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