­­­Purdue Trip 2016

Year #13



Good news. Bad news.


Terry mixed it up this year and flew out of Albany and I hate change. This is Bob looking for Terry on the flight:





The good news is that usually I’m sandwiched between those two monsters. So hey… pros and cons.

And we’re back! Rocking a brew pub for a classy change of pace. We found Terry.






We managed to make it pretty late courtesy of a 4AM bar called Four Moon Tavern.


Oke counting cash late night. (note all the $1 bills)


Terry counting calories


Morning diner is standard fare.


But serendipitously there is a magic 8-ball on the table



Last year we were saying Oke’s responses were drafted from a mental magic 8-ball. He wasn’t pleased with this.


But this year it seems he has a better sense of humor about it.


The old miserable drive to Indiana…


Turn the room in to a walk-in cooler. Check.


Meet up with Goose. Check.




Harry’s has a new neon sign this year which is a HUGE throwback.






Way, way back. The Summer that spawned the Purdue trip. 2004 – Newport Rhode Island.


That’s Terry, Bob and I on the left.


Anyway… we’re at Harry’s



Initials. Check.


Goose. Check.



What was I taking a picture of? Was it the $35.00 Bottle of whisky sign? Or the “Sorry we’re OPEN” sign?



Corner Upstairs. Check.


Cherry penis joke. Check.


This is Goose country.



Fascinated by his lower gear. Cargo shorts and boat shoes.


The night goes on…


We close the night at Where Else? (Where else?)


Just joking we’re back at Harry’s.


Except Goose who can’t get in.


Bright and early. Let’s do this…


Solid tailgate on the field. Nothing crazy. But a nice day.




Brunos for lunch


Back to Harry’s….




Lot’s of hugs.




State Street shit show.


Oke and Goose manage to double down on Where Else? But that was it for me…  


Morning comes. Time for a quick stop at Triple XXX!



The good old days when we went to Triple XXX at night (2012)


This is what the coolers look like at the gas station by Interstate-65 on the day after a game:


This is what Terry looks like on Interstate-65 after a game:


Another year in the books.


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